Content creation is a huge part of digital marketing today, with 60% of digital marketers creating at least once piece of new content each day. When the market it so saturated, standing out from your competitors has never been so difficult. Finding a new and innovative way to present and market your company is crucial. But what ways are there haven’t been done to death in the marketing world?

Create an Infographic to Boost Leads

One way that companies are turning to is to create infographics. An infographic is a popular form of content marketing that can turn explain complex subjects via simple visual elements or make an otherwise uninteresting subject into a captivating experience. When done right, infographic design is one of the most successful forms of design available.

Considering that high quality infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than text articles, passing over the chance to utilise them to drive web traffic towards your website is not a wise idea. Just as web 2.0 overhauled 1.0, today’s infographics are more than simple pie and line charts; they are a designers dream. Changes to web structures and online platforms have transformed them into interactive infographic design playgrounds, where different sections can link to different websites, or interact with users depending on their input.

How Infographic Design Can Help Boost A Business’ Income

Tips for Infographic Design

While infographics are a highly effective way of generating leads and interest in your business, they have to undergo proper infographic design to do so. Any form of content, be it textual, graphical, or video based, will succeed if the quality is poor.

Some of the top tips for infographic design are as follows:

  • Insert catchy title here. We’ve all heard of the term “clickbait”; titles and content designed to draw readers in with minimum effort. By making your title jump out, you will hook viewers into looking at your infographic and as such, direct them towards your website.
  • Make it sourcy. By include a variety of sources and statistics, you raise the legitimacy of the infographic, thereby increasing the likelihood of readers sharing your content.
  • Social media is your friend. With the rise of social media, sharing content has never been easier. With the right title and the right content, infographics have the potential to go viral in hours, if not minutes.
  • Infographic, not infopaper. When making going through infographic design, avoid walls of text on white backgrounds. The idea is to move away from text articles, not turn one into a .jpg.
  • Lead them on. Make sure there are ways for the readers to engage with your company through the infographic. That is, after all, the whole point of the infographic design and sharing.
  • Never spots and stripes, darling. When companies create an infographic, there can be the temptation to get carried away and make it a full blown graphical onslaught. While the visual nature of an infographic is the appeal, trying to fit too much in or use too make colours can end up making the infographic confusing for viewers. This will destroy any good infographic design you initially had.