There are actually plenty of misconceptions and myths that we need to consider, especially before we run a business. Sometimes, it’s possible for people to spout off bad advice and lies about the business world. This could happen even if these people are not really know whether what they are saying is correct or not. In fact, it is possible that we have contributed to any of the misconception. It is important for business owners to be able to separate myths from facts. Many people stop working at the office, thinking that owning their own business will allow the to get much more free time. This is a myth that is often relied upon by new business owners. Things could get stressful for them at work, so they consider that it would be much better for them to start to working in their own businesses.

In reality, new businesses often require more than 8 hours a day to operate. It means that new business owners could have much less free time, at least until things are stable. It’s true that the schedule is usually more stable, but the volume of work can be more intense. Running our own business may actually feel like a lifestyle, instead of a normal office job. If new business owners want to be successful, they should expect to spend more time at work than at home, at least for the first few years after the business is established. Many business owners don’t even worry about having an effective business plan. Many of them think that they can easily get away with simple goals. It is important to compose a proper plan for our special purposes. If we want to have an effective plan, it is important to research the market, set long term goals and organize our thoughts.

In order to get more customers, it is important to sell products are cheaper prices. However, it doesn’t mean that we should offer the cheapest prices. In fact, many stores may sell products at higher prices, but still attract a lot of customers. It is important to know that it is a bad thing to overcharge our customers, but it doesn’t mean that the price should be too low that we barely cover the expenses. People may also think that just because they do something really well, they will be very successful in business. If we are a good cook, family and friends will suggest us to open a restaurant. In reality, a successful restaurant is much more than excellent food. Without proper marketing, interior design, brand awareness, financial management and many other things, a restaurant won’t last for long.

Another myth is that good friends will definitely work well together. In reality, many best friends open their small businesses and after a couple of years they are no longer friends. A business could bring the best or worst of a person, so we should think twice before opening a business with friends.