Each business has different requirement and this could have an effect on the overall IT infrastructure and operation. One thing that we should know is that small businesses often have budgetary constraints and they can’t establish comprehensive IT infrastructure. Due to this fact, small businesses may not have enough options. It is important for businesses to make sure that their available resources can accommodate their business requirements. Cloud storage is an affordable option. It can work as online storage platform or data management solutions.

Disaster recovery plans should also be available to safeguard small businesses against hardware failure, power outages, theft, accidental deletion, man-made debacles and catastrophic disasters. Companies that don’t have recovery plans and data backup could become vulnerable to any accidental problem. In fact, many companies start to back up their data regularly after they have significant data losses. Even the poorest small or home business should regularly back up their data. An affordable flash drive can become a secondary storage to save important files, especially because business files are typically smaller in size.

Because companies rely mostly on IT infrastructure, they need to keep their data safe and organized. As businesses grow, they will need to tailor-made their IT infrastructure to meet the demand of their clients. Tornado, flood and fire can’t be prevented in more serious cases, so regular data backup is necessary. Regular data recovery and backups may involve a lot of hassles. Cloud storage makes data storage and backup becomes even more convenient. It can be seamlessly integrated to business infrastructure. Each time a user performs modification and saves changes, the modified file is automatically saved on the cloud. The cost of regularly backing up information in cloud service should be quite affordable. We should be able to add, edit, delete and do other modification tasks with files in the cloud.

If we choose cloud providers, we should make sure that they are able to protect us from hacking attacks. Cloud services should also be scalable, so we will be able to store high volume of information based on the growth of our company. Cloud storage is essentially a normal computer network but located in distant locations and connected with very fast Internet connection. The transfer rate should be fast enough that it is equal to the transfer rate of local hard drives. Mobile devices can be connected directly to the Internet in any location, making access very easy to perform. Such convenience and flexibility can’t be achieved with the use of external storage media that is used locally. Today, cloud platform is a viable, affordable and contemporary solution for many small businesses and average Internet users.

Apple, Microsoft, Google and other tech companies are already offering free or affordable cloud services plans. Data stored in cloud service can be automatically duplicated and even if a disaster strikes. A data center location can be affected, but the data could also be duplicated in other data centers, ensuring that our information will stay intact.   Data theft could also be prevented if small businesses regularly change their passwords. A cloud service may only be accessed by a few specified mobile devices. Although this may reduce flexibility, the security will be level will be significantly enhanced.