Cash flow is at the heart of every business. How well the business runs, whether it can cope with market challenges, and the overall rate of growth a business enjoys all depend on its cash flow. Cash flow also represents the health and strength of the business.

While there are resources that can help business owners to maintain a healthy cash flow, many are still struggling. There are common mistakes business owners make that seriously hurt their ability to maintain a healthy cash flow. We are going to take a look at some of those mistakes in this article.

Bad Books

The only way you can maintain a healthy cash flow is by keeping a good, complete record of everything. Having disorganized books is certainly not an option for a business. Bad accounting will not only make managing the business more difficult but also adds risk on top of the challenges already faced by the business.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham accounting department is reporting that more business owners and professionals are pursuing accounting degrees as a way to strengthen their bookkeeping abilities. Similar to UAB Online, other top universities with online programs in accounting are also getting an influx of professionals wanting to master accounting.

Bad books can also be solved by doing it right from the beginning. Using the right accounting software and having a good understanding of basic accounting principles is easier than ever.

Bad Terms

Maintaining a healthy cash flow is all about keeping income and expenses in check. This involves more than balancing the accounts correctly. As a business owner, you have to also be careful about the timing of incomes and expenses in order to maintain a positive cash flow.

Having customers pay in 30 days and being charged by suppliers after 14 is certainly not a good way to maintain a healthy cash flow. While you may be able to sustain the difference in payment terms for a while, it is only a matter of time before the business starts to struggle.

Students learning for their accounting degree at top universities such as the University of Alabama-Birmingham Online are also learning about general financial management and negotiation. These two instruments are invaluable for cash flow management.

Bad Calculations

The amount of profit you generate from business operations greatly affect the long-term health of your business cash flow. When operating a low-margin business, staying afloat and maintaining a healthy cash flow becomes trickier to do. The same can be said for high-margin, low turnover businesses. A sudden change in the market can alter the health of the business substantially.

In both situations, it is your duty as a business owner to plan ahead and prepare the business for market changes. Set aside some funds for emergencies, make sure the company operates at an optimum level cost-wise, and avoid making unnecessary financial decisions unless there is enough room in your cash flow for big moves.

As you can see, these mistakes are relatively easy to avoid. Through careful planning and good cash flow management, it is easy to keep your business healthy and growing at the right rate.