The business ladies need some rest. It is not a secret that busy people need attractions at least for the weekend. The woman needs a rest even she says NO. Of course the best variant is going to somewhere far for a couple of days. It is winter and the most of woman prefer going somewhere to exotic countries. Which one? Brazil is usually chosen by optimistic people. If you like experiments, you should go to Thailand. If you are rich and lazy – welcome to Spain. If you want to live in a hot summer, sea, beaches, culture, learn something new, you should choose Costa Rica.

You can use one of many Under 21 Car Rental SJO airport locations to hire a car and go to see local attractions. The country is rich in different attractions, so, you can choose one of many, the most interesting for you. How about eco-tourism, rafting, wild nature or zipline flights?

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Discover Wild Nature

Costa Rica is one of main possibilities to try eco-tourism. This land boasts the nature beauties. The scientists from all over the world come here to learn nature in the local Palo Verde National Park rich in rivers and bogs, tropic forests. The most impressive views you can see in Guanacasto Province. The national park is full of wild animals, including crocodiles, monkeys, 300 kinds of birds. You can watch all of them on your day safari.

Walking and Flights

The best way to see the beauty of the forest is look at it from above! You may use the best popular way in Costa Rica – Zipline ropeway. Witch’s Rock Canopy Tour is situated 20 minutes walking from the nearest resort. If you want to see the island from the sea and enjoy the beauty of the sunset, you may go to the evening sea voyage by the Goombay Catamaran. If you are brave woman you should try to go to the Canyon at Guachipelin to try climbing, horse riding or swimming in the waterfalls.

Papagayo National Park

You can enjoy the natural beauty of Costa Rica with the help of your hotel or resort. You may learn the excursion schedule and go to see the beautiful world on the hotel excursion. This is your chance to see the 120 kinds of birds, monkeys, iguanas. There is also an interesting excursion route along the Giant’s Causeway to learn 25 sorts of giant trees, birds, monkeys, butterflies. The guests can walk along the beaches and mountain pathways.

Traditional Food

The classic breakfast in Costa Rica contains the rice dish which is called gallo pinto. It can be prepared with different methods but the main ingredient is the light red souse Salsa Lizano. You may try one of the best versions of this dish in Papagayo restaurant. The variety of fresh fish in the region let people to cook different dishes for lunch and supper. Going to the beaches of Playa Blanca you can meet the local fishermen and choose something for dinner on your own. The restaurants Di Mare or Papagayo are ready to cook any fish for dinner. The experienced sommelier helps to choose the best wine.

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Sea Adventures

Catalina Island is situated not far from the Guanacasto Seaside to be one of the best places for fishing in a region. The fishing tour lasts for the half of the day or the whole day. This is your attempt to catch striped marlin or dorado. You can take the fish to your hotel to be prepared for your dinner. The diving center PADI Gold offers diving classes for different preparation levels. If you are beginner, you can take classes in the swimming pool. If you are experienced diver, you can learn underwater world and get the certificate. You may choose day or night diving.

Eco Tourism

The national park Rincon de la Vieja National Park is impressive nature that all women like. There are thermal waters two hours driving from the center. You can see the volcano mountain Santa Maria, geysers, volcanic films and fumaroles. The experienced guide will help you to discover the beauty of this place for the time you are staying in the country.


The Tropicsurf surfing school supposes taking classes in professional surfing. Tamarindo is a popular place on the North West of the seacoast that offers lots of variants for the arts of surfing: Playa Negra, Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point. Everyone, woman or man can find the best place for training according to his/her preparation level. Tamarindo gives you a nice chance to try different kinds of surfing without wasting your time.

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Giant Turtles

The Coast of Tamarindo boasts the Las Baulas National Marine Park. This is the favorite place for the sea turtles. The hundreds of animals that are the biggest turtles in the world come here to lay eggs.

Traditional Culture

Do you want to know and try something new? The resort offers a big variety of traditional attractions. There are exhibitions of the local craftsmen. You can buy something interesting made of wood, clay. You can meet the old craftsmen, their work history, way of life. All guests can participate in the master classes to make something with hands, visit salsa classes, Spanish language courses, cooking classes.


Impressive Nature Views

If you came to Costa Rica in the season from May to November, when the periodical rains make the nature green and fresh, you should try to go to the Playa Virador to enjoy cocktails and traditional bocas and impressive sunset. You can relax in the cozy chair and watch the sunset. You can forget about your work and everyday duties to spend at least a week in the heart of nature.

Looking for the best place to go for weekend, you may choose any of them in Costa Rica – exotic country with warm climate and beautiful nature. You may use internet search to get the answers to all your questions about hotels, latest news, special proposals and useful travel tips.