Portugal is a beautiful and sunny country. Nevertheless, if you could buy the house in Portugal, you could not get the right to stay in the country for more than 180 days as a foreigner. If you could get a job, this is your real chance to live and work in Portugal. So, if you want to enjoy the pitch of success, you have to start your business. There are many ideas for business here. Frankly speaking, the successful and profitable business can be started from any of your great ideas.

Business in Portugal: Advantages

Portugal is not only the beautiful country but the best favorable platform for talented business ideas. What are the best business advantages? They are low-cost labor and low-cost materials. The social and political situation in the country is calm and friendly. So, if you decided to put your money into the business development in Portugal, you should never worry about them. The business conditions are very clear. Forget about the tricks and failures. You can easily get all necessary documents.

Portugal is not only the European outskirts. The country boasts with the unique position between the Europe and Africa and two Americas. So, the country is considered to be the important part of the chain of transatlantic trades. What is more, Portugal is a member of the EU to be the trade platform for different countries.

Popular Business Solutions

Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is very attractive for business. It is not difficult to take the building for rent and make the beauty salon there. Of course, if you want to have many clients, you have to learn language to speak freely. By the way, local masters are good in hair styling but not very strong in hair cutting. It takes about 6 EUR to cut your hair. The manicure supposes to have polishing and painting your nails. It takes about 5 EUR. The price for hair coloring starts with 20 EUR.

If you could find a good hair dresser, you should take it and never let go. What can make your beauty business successful? Recommendations play an important role. If your client is happy because of her new hair style, her mom and friend will be also your clients. If you want to attract more and more new clients, think about the sales, actions, prize winning auctions. If you are not educated enough to be the businessman in one or another field, you are offered to learn all you need from the courses.


Restaurant Business

Food or restaurant business is very popular in Portugal. There are many people who think of opening a small cafe or restaurant. It must be profitable as the prices for food are not expensive. Family business is mostly popular: the wife cooks, the husband is in service and the kids work as waters. It is not difficult to realize if you are ready to work. The cuisine must be high class and so the service. Your restaurant must be the place for not only eating, but speaking, discussing and chatting.

If you want to have a big restaurant, you have to speak Portuguese well. It is also recommended to organize your cafe in the shopping mall. Your business will be always in demand. The price for rent of a small cafe is 1000-2000 EUR. You may easily attract tourists if you will learn English and French.

Touristic Business

This is also a good variant as Portugal is touristic country. Nevertheless, you have to get the license first to find the clients. Touristic business is various and multifunctional: hotels, restaurants, museums, antique and souvenir shops, rental car services in Faro, Porto and other big cities that are connected with one another to make the convenient system of driving through the country without changing car by changing cities. You may choose one of the most popular touristic fields to organize your small business.

Hotel Internazionale Ischia

Realty Business

Of course, you may try yourself in realty business. The prices are changeable. The daily price for rent is 30 EUR, or 300 EUR per month. There is a chance to buy flat for 50 000 EUR or 100 000 EUR. The prices for Lisbon apartments are higher than Faro. By the way, locals do not like to buy second-hand flats.

Car-Care Center

Of course, the cars must be always repaired. If you are good specialist you may try yourself in this business. You may work privately. Clients will always find you to bring something to repair. The prices for reparation are cheaper in the private workshops.


The dressmaking services are also in a high demand. It may be not only dressmaking but reparation and laundry. You can find a lot of workshops in the shopping malls and big shopping centers. Thus, it takes about 10 EUR to modify your jeans, 7 EUR to shorten your dress and 6 EUR to repair your shirt. You can also press your clothes for 0.39 EUR per piece. Actually, the rules, terms and prices are changeable.

Dreamy field dress

You can make business of what you want if you the master of your business. You can easily start and develop your business in Portugal. Look around and choose what you like: surfing, cleaning, zoo goods or souvenir shops, wedding service or interior design. People always need to pay for good and high class service. Every business field has its own specific and advantages. It is important to make the right choice and be the best in the sphere you chose. Your business must be successful just if you spend many efforts.

There is only one trouble for all foreign start uppers – language. You have to learn language of the country you are going to, especially if you are going in business. Be successful and fell free to make the good business idea to implement it into life. Remember, if you want to start something for money, think of Portugal as the most favorable trade platform. Be the part of Portuguese business system.