If you are looking for the co-working spaces in the beautiful city of Dublin, here are some suggestions to help you quickly overview the merits and demerits of those co-working spaces and can decide whether it suits your company.

DoSpace Dublin

Coworking jungle

DoSpace Dublin offers you 5,000Sq Feet of converted warehouse in the heart of Silicon Docks; It has 60+ members, who belong to different areas of business and works in diverse fields like software, MedTech, renewables and also include VC backed, large and nonprofit entities, startup and sole trader. DoSpace Dublin is also an industry partner to the one of the Ireland’s top ranked universities “Trinity College Dublin”. Some distinguished and worth noticing features it offers include high-speed internet which is up to 1000 Mbps, conference rooms, event space, weekly events and more. Besides all that, due to the diverse environment of this co-working space, you find a chance to relations into other organizations and trade companies, which later on can help your business, thrive.

Tcube Dublin

Betahaus Café

Tcube Dublin is located in the center of the lively and tourist area of Dublin. It is especially famous because of the environment it provides to the entrepreneurs, freelancers in the fields of the web, software, app building and so on and so forth. Part of an emerging digital sector startup? Tcube Dublin is the place for you because it has been a center of attraction for the IT freelancers due to services it provides. As it lies in the heart of the city Dublin and in reach for almost every public transport service, you and your workers won’t have to go through the trouble of waiting in the lounges and will always be on time. Distinguishable features include high-speed internet, fiber broadband, high spec kitchen, shower room etc.



If you like more to mingle with like-minded people rather than work and leave and always open for new ideas and innovation “Coworking” is the place you must join. That’s what the special feature of “Coworking” is you will always feel being part of a big family where everyone is open minded and do not mind sharing their success or failure experiences (that’s what the life is made of? Isn’t it? At “Coworking” you can share everything here from the internet to the meeting rooms; you can get feedback from your colleagues. It is located at a very convenient location, just 5 minutes from Stillorgan Luas station in Beacon South Quarter, Sandyford. You have two Go-Cars parked and you have access to underground parking.

Guinness Enterprise Centre

CoVis CoWorking

GEC is a place for people who are looking for coworking spaces with an energetic and welcoming environment. GEC offers all the services and facilities which any modern coworking space should offer, a unique facility which GEC provides is that they give you access to all the dates of the networking seminars, workshops, and events. GEC also offers meeting and conferencing rooms that you can book on discounted rates to use for your presentations and meetings.


Summing up all we can say that all these co-working spaces can easily be reached by using any Dublin car rental. In my personal opinion, if I had to choose from above four choices, I would choose “tube Dublin”; with a great location and so much attraction, it will definitely give your business a boost. Tube Dublin packages start from 195 euros per month to 20 euros per hour. Then comes Coworking with great services and only five mins away from the station will really give you the easiness, their packages start from 20 euros to 300 euros per month. Dospace Dublin also offers a great place to work and different packages starting from 150 euros for lounge access to 450 euros per person for private office. Then comes GEC, which have a very good environment and place for you to work, they give different packages according to your needs.