You may consider yourself familiar with different types of banners, such as exhibition banners, roll up banners, pop up banners, and more – but what about banner materials? There are also different materials used for the creation of banners, and the material you decide to use can have a big impact. In fact, if you are planning to use your banner outdoors, the material you select can make or break your banner, which, in turn, will affect your investment. You want your banner material to be ideal for outdoor use, after all. So what should you know about the different banner materials out there? Here’s an overview of different banner materials for outdoor use.

PVC or vinyl

PVC, also referred to as vinyl, is unarguably the most popular outdoor banner material around. This is because it’s durable and strong and can really make the colours and images in your banner pop. PVC can also be combined with other materials, which result in another material called poly-vinyl.


As a material, poly-vinyl is comprised of a mix of polyester and vinyl (PVC). It can also be a good choice for an outdoor pull up banner or pop up banner. For best results, speak with your potential banner printing provider so you’ll have a better idea of what can work for your needs.


Acrylic is another material which can be used in the outdoors, and it is also known as plexiglass. Acrylic can, however, be inflexible and stiff, so you may be limited in your placement choices for this type of banner material.


Polyester has been used for outdoor banners for a long time, but although it can be a suitable choice due to its flexibility, it is known for fading over a period of time, which can reduce your return on investment as well.


Wood is probably one banner material which has been used for centuries, and although it can be imprinted and carved, making for a beautiful banner, it is also inflexible, bulky, and will more than likely deteriorate over a short period.

Some points to remember

Keep in mind that the type of material you use for your outdoor pull up banners and other types of banners will ultimately depend on your needs and preference. But when choosing the material, make sure it can give you full value for your money, so it needs to be durable, strong, and long-lasting.

It’s also worth noting that not all materials are created and designed equally. For instance, some materials can be prone to curling at the edges, whilst some may not display the brightest colours. If you can, ask the banner printing service about the use of special outdoor inks, as this is always best.