By the time we reach adulthood, we always think we should have it all figured out. But as we become older, we realize our parents often lacked common sense back when we were kids and we seem to have inherited the trait. Listed below are some humorous things we do every day even though we should definitely know better!

Pump Gas When Our Car Is Running

The amount of people that pump gas into their car while it is running is a bit astounding. How is this a thing? There are signs around the pumps saying that just an electrical charge like a slight shock you give when dragging your feet across the carpet could ignite a fire. So what do people do? They leave their whole car running as if they are just asking for a giant fireball explosion to blow up the whole block.

Trying to Open Boxes that Arrived in the Mail

Once we get those packages arriving in the mail, we appear to lose all common sense. Instead of looking for the right tool to open the box, we tear into it with our hands, teeth, and anything sharp that may be close by. This usually results in some sort of minor injury or a need for stitches as the rusty pair of scissors plunges into your hand. You should probably open these packages the smart way. After all, it’s better to use a box cutter to open those boxes. You might need your teeth later on!

Angry Grocery Shopping

Does grocery shopping drive you as crazy as the rest of us? It appears that are more clueless people out there than originally thought. Why do people find it okay to park their cart in the middle of the aisle for ten minutes while they choose between cans of green beans? It is impossible to get around the cart and the guilty person doesn’t seem overly concerned about it either. This is why there should be car horns attached to every grocery cart in the world.

Sneak In Food into the Theater

There is something that just feels so wrong to us that we break the law every time we go see a movie. Apparently, five dollars for a bit of candy is our breaking point. The concession stands at theaters is like a shakedown racket. They are trying to gauge just how much we will spend for the least amount of food. Instead of eating before we go see the movie, we stuff food into our pockets, pants, and purses. In fact, we cram so much food in there that we walk into the theater lopsided in places that we should not be lopsided in. We do all of this and act juvenile just to save a couple of bucks!