Graphic Design is a field that is ever-evolving with new trends coming out every other day. These trends are extremely important to follow, not only for creating great designs, but also getting exposure to new tricks and helping designers with career advancements.

Let us take a list of skills that can help you be a great designer.

Knowing the principles

Design principles are not a clear set of things that you should or shouldn’t follow. Instead, they are general guidelines that help you in addressing basic human behavior and meeting their expectations. The principles should be a part of your instinct. The principles help you make your design feel right.

Observing the world

If you have an eye for detail, you will definitely notice things you didn’t quite notice earlier. The kind of visuals you notice will influence your design a lot. Designers only need to open their horizons and look at things from a different perspective and notice more things.


There is no point if you have great ideas but can’t visualize them. Visualization will only make it more tangible and easier for others to understand. If something looks good, it will be easier to understand that thing.


In order to experiment, a designer will have to try to know more about the problem so he can think of as many solutions as possible. You need to learn to experiment without the fear of failing. A constant experiment should feel like a natural process, you keep doing it but you don’t think about it.


Even though you think your design is the best possible solution to the problem, it is always a good idea to get a different perspective on the problem. A good web designer will have intuition which consists of principles, patterns, history, and experience. Designing in a bubble can often make you feel lost in your own idea. You just need to learn how much to trust your intuition and when to detach from work.


Just having a good idea is not enough, you must also know to communicate it well. You need to prepare well on the explanation and sometimes even might have to rehearse it.

Have a thick skin

Be ready for all kinds of feedback on your work. Learn to have a thick skin and accept what’s of use. There will be a difference between critiquing a designer and critiquing his designs.

Solving issues

The ultimate goal should be to solve problems and make things easier for people. A good designer not only points out the problems but also solves them. A good designer also needs to have a clear vision for the future and keep in mind who they are designed for.

Rounding up

Here you have it- the 8 major skills that a designer must have, apart from having the basic design skills. These skills mentioned above are not technical. They are more about how a designer must work and what is expected from him and the solutions he provides.