Rummy is a mindboggling game with many challenges. That is the reason rummy players gain some very interesting skills as they play the game regularly. There are ways to stay on the top of a game of Indian Rummy and beat the opponents and we have shared some of these tips here for you:

  1. Keep Multiple Options for Making Sequences

The first goal of every playing cards player is to make the pure sequence since without that your hand will always be counted as a full hand. As you arrange cards for making sequences, arrange in a manner that there are multiple options. You may arrange pairs of cards with just a card missing to complete the sequence.

You may have pairs like A, K; 9, 10; 5, 6 or J, Q. If you have 4-5 in a classic rummy session, such pairs in your hand, as soon as you get one card to complete a pure sequence, you may use jokers to complete the remaining sequences. This way, you can win sooner than your opponents.

  1. Observe What the Opponent Throws

A keen eye on the opponent’s moves is a necessity when you play rummy game offline with others. You can get an idea of the cards in the hands of the opponents by seeing the cards he is throwing away. If you keep this in mind, in future you won’t dispose cards that the opponent needs.

  1. Avoid Picking Cards from Disposed Pile

Remember as a golden rule of online rummy circle is that just like you observe your opponent’s moves, he is also observing your moves. Picking from the disposed pile will give the opponent an idea what cards you have in hand. If he knows this, he will be careful not to throw cards you need. To avoid this, simply do not pick cards from the disposed pile at least till your pure sequence is formed.

  1. Observe Expressions of Opponents and Gauge their Hand

Apart from thee cards that are thrown, even the expressions of opponents tell you about their hand. Most people fail to mask their happiness when they get a good card. If you get a feeling that your opponent in a rummy patti game, may win soon, you may pass the game midway. You must do this if you have still not achieved your life.

  1. Keep Track of Points in the Hand

This point is very important if you are playing deals 13 card rummy game, where the points of many rounds of the game are added together to decide who wins. In such a situation, points matter a lot. You need to keep track of the points in your hand. Use a strategy to reduce points by disposing off high point cards and replacing them with low point cards.

  1. Pass at the Beginning if there is no Scope for Sequence

Sometimes, when the hand is dealt and you have a look at it, you instantly realise there is no scope of winning this game. In such occasions, it makes sense to pass at the very beginning of the online rummy match, and lose fewer points than when you hold on to the hand and play. You need to see if there is a pure sequence or at least the scope to make it. You also need to see the overall points in your hand before deciding to pass.

  1. Dispose Jokers if Need Arises

In some rare occasions, you may have 5-6 jokers in your hand. While jokers act as bonus points and make the game easy, if you have too many jokers, forming a pure sequence may become difficult. In such situations, it makes sense to dispose off a joker or two.

Keep in mind the above-mentioned tricks to play cards games rummy the best, and win it.