In 2015, there were an estimated 7,993,631 property crime offenses in the nation, according to the FBI. A home security system can help you avoid becoming one of these statistics.

When you’re pricing how much a household security system will cost, it’s important to consider the savings it can provide alongside the equipment and recurring monitoring fees. By considering the total picture, you’ll develop a more precise cost breakdown. Let’s take a look at the cost savings of a home security system.

1. Homeowner’s Insurance Discounts

Protecting your home with an alarm system typically gives you a discount on your homeowner’s insurance premiums. Check with your carrier for the details on what savings you’d realize with a home security system installed.

2. Extra Sensors

The main purpose of a home security system is to prevent burglary. With several extra sensors, the system can also prevent a number of other costly home incidents from spiraling out of control such as fire, flood and smoke damage.

3. Use an Existing Landline

The type of connection used for your security system can save you money. If you already have a landline, it’s easy for the security company installer to connect the system to the existing line you’re already paying for, such as ADT landline service.

4.  Choose a Reputable Home Security Company

While some smaller or newer home security companies may offer discounts so they can attract customers, they also won’t have a long track record of service and dependability. The better choice may be to pick a larger and more reputable company that’s more likely to be around for the long-term. If you choose a smaller company and they go out of business, you’ll have to pay another company for a new system.

5. Look for Special Offers

There are home security companies that offer specials, such as free sensors or a month’s free monitoring service. Shop the deals to save money. In some areas, ADT offers a theft protection service. If a theft occurs while your system is armed, ADT will pay part of your insurance deductible.

The longer you wait to make the decision to install a home security system, the more it could end up being a costly mistake. The increase in your homeowner’s insurance premiums plus the financial effects of a burglary can add up quickly. It’s smarter to make sure that your home is as safe and secure as possible, before it’s too late.