As more baby boomers retire, the shortage of fleet drivers continues to grow. If you want to retain your drivers and encourage new applicants to seek out your company, here are five guidelines you should follow.

1. Appreciate Your Drivers

Positivity and appreciation can go a long way in establishing a welcoming work environment. Drivers, like anyone else, want to feel that their work is making a difference and being well-received, so it’s important that your management addresses your fleet drivers’ successes rather than only noticing their mistakes.

2. Provide Advancement Opportunities

As newer and younger fleet drivers take their first jobs, it’s vital to recognize that they won’t stay somewhere that offers them no chance to advance. By publicizing job openings and application processes in your company newsletter, you will allow your drivers to pursue new positions within your company, which vastly increases the likelihood that they’ll stay with your organization.

3. Offer Better Benefits

Across the board, salaries for truck drivers have remained consistent for a long time. That’s why the pay probably won’t determine if drivers want to work for you, but the benefits you offer could. On the whole, drivers are more concerned with the quality of their insurance than they are with an especially competitive salary. Offer graduated incentives to drivers so that your most loyal employees can receive more far-reaching benefits.

4. Check on New Drivers

Employees often feel more comfortable after staying with a company for a few years, which means you should be focusing your attention on newer drivers who aren’t yet committed. Schedule regular check-ins for new drivers where they can discuss any concerns or issues with a fleet manager, then address their reports accordingly so they know they’re being heard.

5. Provide Amenities

Your fleet drivers will be spending countless hours in their trucks, so you should make sure they’re comfortable. Companies like EpicVue specialize in providing entertainment for truckers. Simple steps like installing a satellite TV in the cab can make your drivers feel appreciated and comfortable while they work, which will vastly decrease your driver turnover rates.

Evaluate Your Needs

While these five tips are good general guidelines, it’s always best to acknowledge the unique ways that your company can improve its treatment of fleet drivers. Use the above ideas as a starting point, then adapt them to ensure your fleet drivers are content and willing to stay with your company for years to come.