Bootstrapping (using business revenues to fuel growth) is the lifeblood of risk-sensitive young businesses. Even so, self-sufficiency is a skill that has its limits when managing growth. Here are just 5 things that you should get professionally done for a startup:

1. Consulting

You may think you know everything about business. Then, you face a dilemma that is best handled by an industry expert. Business consultants undergo years of training, and many specialize in specific fields of expertise. They have collected years of information about the chosen field, whether it’s SEO or law.

2. CRMs

5 Things Not To Bootstrap When Starting A Business

When your customer base grows so diverse that you have challenges managing communications, billing, and fulfillment, you may have pushed Google Sheets to its limits. At some point, it will become necessary to invest in a quality Customer Relationship Management system like Salesforce. If your needs are specific enough, you may even consider hiring a developer to build one for you, but this is by far the more expensive option. Either way, automating these processes will be vital for scaling your operation.

3. Web Design

Web design requires technical skills that many entrepreneurs do not have. They either do not have the skills or patience to learn the techniques of HTML and graphic design. Instead, work with Web professionals and companies to set up your website in minutes. Web designers are found everywhere and offer competitive rates for all budgets.

4. Marketing

The days of marketing by passing out flyers and posting ads in newspapers still exist. Today, the work has gotten more complicated as more websites show up on the Internet. Now, marketers are looking for new techniques to compete with thousands of other marketers. Business owners need to compete with thousands of other stores and websites that sell the same products. Even small owners cannot rely on a few, outdated marketing techniques to get by and need experts in social media, display advertising and more.

5. Security System

5 Things Not To Bootstrap When Starting A Business

Arming your business with a gun is an informal method of protection. The most effective solution is to install a sophisticated security alarm system. In a large building, you cannot expect an amateur computer guru to install this system. See the differences when you compare DIY vs professionally installed security. The success of your DIY project goes as far as your own limited skills about electrical and alarm systems.

Bootstrapping for your business works often, but in some areas, you need professional assistance. You can pay the startup capital; however, you cannot use the building alarm without a professional installer. Know what works on your own, and what works with other people’s help.