If you are a goal-oriented individual like most successful entrepreneurs, it is certain that, with passion and focus, you will be able to achieve success. In the present day, e-commerce proves to be a thriving industry and it might be a great field for you to indulge into.

The number of digital shoppers worldwide is expected to reach 2.14 billion in 2021 – up from 1.32 billion in 2014.

Even if you are just a beginner, there are a lot of tools and resources that are all set out for you to access. Success is just within reach and all it takes are a solid hard working attitude and profound desire to thrive.

If you are hesitant to start a new business because of whatever limitations you find yourself in, you should quit your doubts. In here, you will read amazing e-commerce success stories that will inspire you to fire away.

Why You Need to Know These Success Stories

Most success stories never started out great. Most e-commerce business owners startedsmall and had no idea of what the outcomes of their hard work would be. They could only see as far as the headlights.

However, they pushed and saw things through.

Like you, most of these e-commerce entrepreneurs were newbies to the industry and still had a lot to prove. Here, you will learn, through their success stories how they got to where they are right now.

You may not know it yet, but maybe you will find yourself on this list soon.

  1. Black Milk Grew to a Global Clothing Brand with $0 Marketing Budget

Black Milk Clothing’s first sale dated back in 2009 when James Lillis figured out an unconventional way to promote his custom line of leggings. He did this despite the limited availability of his funds. Today, his company has grown into a multimillion-dollar operation which distributes products worldwide.

A huge part of the company’s ongoing success can be credited to their community-building endeavors. They created unique Facebook groups that were in sync with every region they promoted their products to.

Their technique not only presented greater opportunities for personalized engagement; it also pumped up their fans to talk about their brand and pass on positive reviews.

Black Milk’s success story shows how important having a social media presence is.A solid social media presence helps you attract more qualified audiences. Their strategies entailed sharing stories and authentic user photos.

If you try the same approach, your brand might also get famous and your name will become a part of your customers’ everyday interactions online.

  1. Luxy Hair Became a 7-Figure Generating Business Leveraging YouTube

The vast majority trusts that the only way to be able to close a deal with consumers is through exploiting advertisement channels such as those that can be found in newspapers or magazine ads.

But what the couple who owns Luxy Hair did was much simpler yet more attainable and effective. Alex and Mimi Ikonn learned to make the most of one of the fastest and most popular channels, YouTube.Because of YouTube, they were able to build a personal connection with their audience. This convinced their market to purchase loads of their hair extension products online.

Their strategy was put into action by giving a great and valuable content to their audience. Using YouTube, they were able to provide free video tutorials on how to proficiently make spectacular hairdos with the use of their Luxy Hair products.

  1. Bonobos Realized the Value of Growing Slowly but Surely (the Hard Way)

As Andy Dunn’s clothing store for men called Bonobos blasted newsletters about their special offer, they began to face a huge challenge:Accommodating an increased traffic on their website. This led them to forcefully take down their site temporarily due to a flood of consumer complaints. They did not re-open until they fixed all of the issues.

What lesson does the brand Bonobos teach us?

Prior to running any marketing campaigns that will skyrocket your website’s traffic, be sure that your website can handle an increased traffic volume. Ascertain that you have the ability to convert your web guests into established deals not only by guaranteeing that your supplies last but by upgrading your web hosting solution as well.

Fortunately, most modern web hosting companies make plan upgrades easy. So be wise and know when to make an upgrade in your hosting plan and choose the one that perfectly fits your business.

  1. How Pixie Faire Leveraged Skills to Earn $50,000 per Month

Full-time parents Jason and Cinnamon found a way to leverage their unique skills and have established a great e-commerce business. As they discovered how a talented seamstress and designer Cinnamon was, they decided to start selling doll clothing patterns online.

Their story inspires us how promising it is to launch a business and become successful even in very narrow niches. This is a good illustration of how selling digital products can work so well given that you have the creativity to come up with something interesting.

If you’ve got an artistic talent for a craft, make use of it and utilize ready tools online to earn from selling your very own digital products.

Since today, there are tons of online resources that can help you improve your skills, you can take advantage of them. Lifewire lists a couple of educational sites where you can sign-up for digital courses.

  1. How a Raw Generation, a Fresh Juice Company, Grew Sales Using Deal Sites

Selling an item is challenging enough. To pick up a momentum to increase sales is just as difficult. But Raw Generation, a business run by a 30-year-old Jessica Geier, figured out how to generate sales.

After Jessica finished her certification course on health, she opened Raw Generation, a brand that served busy individuals who needed quick access to healthy juices.

Jessica experimented with deal sites and finally found out where to position her juicing products to be able to make more sales.

There are distinct marketing avenues that will enable you to utilize profound rebatesand help you pull in new clients in huge numbers. Like Raw Generation’s owner, you shouldexplore as many options as possible. Based on what you learn on making more sales, focus on a strategy and optimize it.


If you notice, you’d find common characteristics from these successful entrepreneurs that helped them achieve great heights. It’s all passion, hard work, self-belief, creativity, disciplined determination, and a focused mind on the goal. If you have all these, the end is in sight.