Finding new ways to achieve financial freedom can be very beneficial. While most people only consider their job as a source of money or income, those that are creative and think outside of the box will find that there are many other sources of income and money as well. There are five in particular that can help someone to make and save more money.

Sell Personal Belongings

Through the use of Craigslist, neighborhood applications, and social media, people have an easier time of selling personal items than ever before. If you have old clothing, toys, other items that are not in use any longer, you could easily sell them online. There are also several clothing stores that allow you to sell your gently used clothing for cash or store credit. This could help you make some additional money and also clear out space in your home.

Unclaimed Property

When you are looking for some additional money, it also may be worth checking with your state’s department of revenue. After a bank notices that an account has not been used for a long period of time, they may send it on to the state as unclaimed property. This lost money could be yours legally if it once belonged to a family member that has since passed away. Since keeping track of all accounts can be hard, there is a chance that your state may have some money that you are entitled to. There are businesses that specialize in finding lost money that can help you with this.

Credit Card Rewards

While most people are warned against using credit cards, those that use them wisely could end up making a lot of money in credit card points. If you are in the habit of paying off your bill each month, then a rewards card would be right for you. Depending on your level of spending, this could mean hundreds of extra dollars in your pocket each year. You can choose your credit card based on the rewards that fit your lifestyle the best. If you fly a lot, consider one with air miles. If you spend a lot of with certain retailers, you can choose a card that gives you points and money back for those purchases.

Side Gig

One of the best ways to earn an additional source of income is to have a side gig. A side gig can range from selling your own creations, driving for a ride share program, or tutoring. If you are good at writing or creating art, you can do some freelancing on various websites that have been set up for that purpose. Whatever you want it to be, spending a few hours per week earning extra money can really add up.


If you are using the money for a business idea, then crowdfunding could be your best bet. Crowdfunding can help provide any new business with the seed capital necessary to grow. This has been proven to be very effective, with Kickstarter and GoFundMe being two of the leading websites. While you don’t necessarily have to pay this back, you are more likely to have investors if you offer some kind of reward.

In conclusion, finding new ways to earn or save money can be very advantageous. Those that are able to find through unusual sources of money can end up saving considerably more. There are five sources of money that need to be considered.