If ever you look into a women’s bag, you will find that they nearly carry the entire world in it. But do any of you have even the slightest idea as to what there is in a man’s bag?

Seriously, a man’s bag can also be an exciting topic of discussion. But other than a cheap branded pen and a notepad, what else could a man should carry in his office bag?

Below we have made a list of things a man must have in his office bag.

  1. For the tech junky in you

After discussing with a lot of men, a power bank and USB cable made it to the top of this list, as it is really a vital item for those on the move. Well, you can never be sure when your phone’s battery may give up after a stressful day of jumping from your girlfriend’s calls, office e-mails and those memes your squad keeps sending in group. Also, if you hail a cab to office or use a tube, you will be depending on your phone for entertainment purposes.

Whether it is reading news, playing games or streaming videos, it ends up draining your phone’s battery. Chances are you may have forgotten to charge your phone or would have plugged it in but forgot to switch on the button. This means that by the time you’ll reach or leave office you will have no battery. This is reason enough as to why it is always essential to have a power bank with you.

  1. Maintaining hygiene

It is the 21st century and personal hygiene is becoming more of a trend nowadays. Being clean and well groomed not only makes a good impression on others, but also gives you a confidence boost. That being said, it’s better that you carry a tiny bottle of hand sanitizer in your office bag.

Being clean is not the only motive; you will also have to smell good, so also have a deodorant in your bag and don’t let your reputation get down.

Talking of smelling good, don’t let your breath be a turn off point for you. Keep a bottle of mint always in your bag and a couple in your pocket, so that you are always ready to strike a conversation with your office crush.

  1. Hunger killers

Sometimes you might wake up late and have to rush for work at lightening speeds. In such situations, you have no time to sit and have breakfast; in fact, even standing in a queue for a hotdog seems a waste of time for you. You never know when Joe from accounts can stretch a meeting so long and by the time you reach canteen, your favourite dish is also over. So, it’s always better to have some snacks in your bag be it biscuits, chips, dry fruits or some protein bars and save yourself from that rumbling noise coming from your stomach while doing a presentation. Be careful if you are opening some plastic wraps and save your food from getting ambushed by co-workers.

  1. Seasonal items

We never know when the weather can turn grey, so always keep some essential items handy in your office bag according to the seasons. Winter is really a bad season for your health, so keep some cold tablets with you, in case you get sick. Put that thick scarf made by your grandma in your office bag if it seems it is going to snow. In summer, keep an extra shirt with you if the one you are wearing gets too sweaty and save yourself from the embarrassment while giving a presentation. And while you are at it, keep a pair of sunglasses handy and show how awesome you look in that Instagram selfie.

  1. Safety is priority

A man who is prepared for anything and everything is looked up by everyone. Along with your work, have solutions for tricky situations at your office as well. Solve these by always keeping a Swiss knife in your bag, as it comes handy for nearly every situation. Since you are keeping every essential and electronic good, buy an anti theft backpack whose zips are fully hidden. This way you can doze off in tube with a peace of mind.

We hope the above tips help you fill your office bag with the required essentials and that you truly become a man on the go!