We’ve all heard how important our social media presence is these days. Actors are now told that they will be chosen over others based on the number of followers they have regardless of talent. There are social media professionals who can help you, but not everyone has the extra cash to hire someone when they are first starting out. There are still some ways to build a professional presence on social media with little to no money at all.


You’ve already opened your social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and any other sites you feel might be useful. What’s next? Engaging with your followers. Nathan Ellering defines engagement this way: “An engaged following = audience who know, like, and trust you.” And I would add, “and buys from you.” Respond to questions, or post questions yourself to encourage engagement.


5 Inexpensive Ways To Build A Professional Social Media Presence

This may seem like common sense to many people, but not everyone has learned about the value of hashtags yet. Their usefulness tends to depend on the platform, but Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram all live and die on their hashtags. The hashtags mean that people searching for your kind of content will find it, and you will acquire more followers.

Use Professional Images

Too many web content managers are relying on low quality images or stock images to fuel their blog entries and social posts. Not only does this strategy hurt the professionalism of your brand, but could actually cost you thousands. Start building a library of professional images that are message-matched to your brand. If you can’t afford an in-house graphics team, consider scheduling a shoot with a professional photographer or open-air photo booth in order to have dozens of beautifully-lit headline images on hand.


You may be enjoying Aunt Helen’s recipes or that dog video your nephew posted, but these are not really things to share on your professional social media accounts. Keep things simple by staying consistent, so your followers always know exactly what they are getting by following you. This is called building your brand. Start by identifying who your audience is, and then develop a detailed strategy to draw them in and retain them through value-adding content.

Message Match to Your Website

5 Inexpensive Ways To Build A Professional Social Media Presence

Make sure your branding is consistent across all your channels. This all starts with a design-driven website. If your social channels aren’t generating the leads you want, and your website isn’t converting properly, it could be a branding issue. Schedule a consultation today so that we can help you identify a design strategy that can help monetize your social media and web presence efforts.

Social media rules are always changing, and it can be difficult to keep on top of them. These are just a few tips and tricks to help you navigate different social media platforms and find new followers. People are always looking for something new and interesting to read, and you will find new customers as you build your brand.