Choosing the right candidate is one of the most important HR functions. So how do you make sure that you select only the best candidate from a pool of applicants? Below are five great tips that will make your hiring process a lot easier.

Know What You are Looking For

Make an exhaustive list of the qualities you are looking for in the interviewees. This is not just about knowledge and experience alone; the list should also cover core competencies, abilities, and attitude that you are looking for in the right person for the job. To come up with these, do a thorough a job analysis. Consider the nature of work being done and assess its overall contribution to the goals of the organization.

Understand Everything About the Job Before You Hire

Before you expect the interviewees to answer your questions in the interview room, you have to know what you expect of them. This may include a list of daily or weekly tasks for the office personnel. Determine the specific requirements of the position you need to fill. You can find out more information about the position that requires to be filled through interviewing line managers and supervisors.

Conduct a Background Check on Your Potential Candidates

Take your time and verify the information provided by the candidates at the time of the application. Is it important to check references? Absolutely. call or email them to find out more about the candidate. Sometimes, resumes and academic papers can be fabricated.

Ensure That the Interview Process is Effective and Efficient

Well planned interviewing is one of the hiring best-practice that will make your life easier. Whether your intent is to use the interview process as a screening or selection tool, it is recommended that you interview only the most suitable candidates. Interviews are costly because they involve managers and supervisors, but it’s a necessary investment if you don’t want  to deal with thieves and turkeys sucking the life out of the company.

Make a Point of Responding to Every Applicant

It is a good idea to contact candidates who sent in their applications even though they don’t merit to be interviewed. Someone who may not be the perfect fit right now could be your best fit in future.

Selecting the right employee can be hectic but it is worth the effort. Be guided by the vision of your business and the skills set that you require. But above all, let the values you believe in be a priority.