Business meetings play a significant role in how the Danish do their business.  Danes like to keep things as simple as possible with minimal paperwork.

Denmark is a great place to find business partners for any kind of business, no matter how small. Outsourcing your products from Denmark will allow you access to a whole new range of products, and will really help you cut costs. The suppliers are very easy to deal with especially if you learn Danish.

The easy access to the EU market will give you an edge over your competition. Also, Denmark has very stable economic and political conditions

Here are 5 tips for preparing for a business meeting with Danish business people:

  1. Be Organized

 Proper organization will save everyone a lot of time. In preparation for the meeting, it’s advisable to put all your thoughts in a logical manner. Come up with lists, tables or graphs before the meeting.

Danes value their time and wouldn’t appreciate it if you brought huge blocks of information on the first day of meeting them. For such huge amounts of information, it would e advisable to send it before the meeting so that they have ample time to familiarize themselves.

Danes will prefer that you compartmentalize your facts and be as concise as possible. They tend to value facts over emotions

I cannot overemphasize on the need to be punctual. They start and end their meetings at the scheduled time.

  1. Be Modest

If you are overly proud of your achievements, you will be perceived to be bragging. It is therefore advisable that you be as objective as possible and to always mention the effort of the team and how they made everything possible.

Through all the conversations, be it over the phone or in person, make sure to keep your tone professional and without so much emotion.

Danes are very modest people who do not like to directly take credit for their success. Instead, they like to emphasize more on team efforts behind it no matter how small.

The team will feel appreciated once you highlight the good work they are doing.

  1. Be Thorough

Do your due diligence and carry out research for necessary information before you attend any meeting with your business partner.

 The moment you preset your potential partner with well-researched facts on how to maintain a successful business relationship, they will respect you a lot more.

  1. Be Innovative

Think outside the box. Imagine how impressed your Danish supplier will be if you come up with an innovative way to pay them.

All your presentations should be factual because Danes are very meticulous when it comes to analysis of business proposals.

  1. Be Open-Minded

 Master the art of open and honest discussions during the meeting. Contribute your ideas and counter-ideas also allow others ample time to contribute during meetings.

Feel free to offer criticism by expressing your dissenting opinions; also be willing to receive it as well. Criticism is very healthy because it results in solutions being given and shouldn’t be taken as a personal attack.

Danes usually have a sarcastic sense of humor that is somehow dry. Their jokes come off as strange because they are using a foreign language. Do not get offended easily especially if humor is not our thing. What you should do is learn Danish to ease up communication.