Fortunately, we live in the era where any artist from anywhere around the world can present their art via the internet. And most of the business owners believe that creating a website automatically attracts visitors. No! It’s not so. You need to provide them a reason to come. Hence, attracting more visitors to a Magento e-commerce website or in other words, getting your site optimized for SEO is more like a dream come true for every business owner.

In a layman’s language, a website is a passive form of marketing which points out numerous products and services to the end-user. To be more effective, a website should be used to the fullest to attract maximum and quality customers that would add a proper value to your existing business. Did you know that 5% of the marketing budgets are used in the optimization of the conversion rates?

And what we get in the end? Part of the traffic leaves right after they land and the remaining part ultimately splits into those who will leave the page right after comparing prices or if not so impressed with the product and services offered by your site. And as a result, the increase in bouncing rates and low visitor-to-lead conversion ratios will fail to retain the potential audience.

Here in the following post, I would like to share a few brain hacking tricks for a Magento developer to follow to improve the conversion rates on the instant basis.

Start with small commitments

If you are simply selling on your e-commerce store, your visitor has the only option to give a few credit cards. In a way, you are making it hard for the visitor to survive at your site.

Now if we consider the opposite side, visitors can give their email address pretty easily. Plus, they might also like to sign up for free and continue using the trial version and end up purchasing the full membership. Get your visitors for small commitments so that they will more likely be open for making the bigger ones later on.

Find what brakes people when it comes to purchasing? It is very important for you to know such critical aspects right before you start optimization. Moreover, the moment you figure out why they hesitate your business, you can turn that into an advantage by choosing the best Magento ecommerce theme development firm or any other option and get them at your doorsteps.

Play with scarcity (in context of time)

Although, it’s one of the oldest marketing tricks that will compel your visitors to narrow down their minds and decide. After all, nobody wants to miss buying something before it gets out of stock. A specific countdown or limited quantity make your products look more attractive and appealing. The price you see may not be available later on.

Improve the load speed

Visitors hate to wait! And that’s a fact. I have stumbled upon numerous posts and write-ups that say how loading time affects your bottom line. It may quite interest you to know that a 1- second delay in page response can result in 7% reduction in conversions. So in such circumstances what you can do is:-

Change your hosting provider- I know it’s the most tried and tested method used by numerous Magento e-commerce theme development companies to boost the website traffic. Perhaps there are many websites with high traffic that use miserable hosting services. And if you are a well-established firm then don’t let your website suffer on low-cost hosting. I am sure you are capable of offering something better.

Next, is resize the images without affecting its quality. And make sure to perform a speed test right after resizing the image.

Do you have any social proof?

Social proof is vigorous and one of the most powerful marketing tool grabs the attention of your potential clients. A business doesn’t need to be popular right from the beginning, one can advertise by simply uploading an informative video with people who already have tried using your products. Share it among numerous social media platforms and let others know about your quality.


Lastly, if you don’t want to cross the line of spam. Stop irritating your customers with pop-ups right away. A successful Magento e-commerce website development is said to be only if you use pop-ups pertinently. Engage your visitors with funny, entertaining and as pleasant as possible.