The first thing you can do to answer common queries is to create a quality FAQ page. Your FAQ page should contain the answers and the instructions to solve the most frequently asked question but also those that are uncommon.

Any problem you can think of is a viable input for the FAQ page. It may seem like you are only making it more difficult for customers to find what they want by extending the FAQ list, but with knowledge base software you don’t have to worry about that.

Knowledge management software allows users to search the database and immediately find the FAQ section they need. Moreover, it will make your customer support team’s job easier since they can instantly fetch the information for the user who chooses to ask them about the problem rather than searching for the solution on the website.

Live chat

Another amazing customer support feature that comes with knowledge management software is a live chat tool. Live chat allows you to be available always when customers need you. You will be a more reliable provider and they will instantly know where to contact you. With a tool like live chat, you can immediately address customer queries and ensure they are satisfied in a timely manner.

It is also a useful tool for gathering data. You can create a customer database and use knowledge from live chat to assume what kind of problem they are likely to experience. You can use this feedback for future improvement of the product as well.

Additionally, live chat is good for increasing sales on your website since customers could be hesitant about purchasing an item because some information is missing from the description, or if they don’t know whether you ship products to their country or not.  All these mentioned issues can be instantly solved with live chat.


For more complex problems, you can create an elaborate answer using wikis. Wikis are vast knowledge bases and they contain detailed explanations on any given topic. These are articles that are categorized effectively and you can go in-depth to explore a topic -like its history, its implementation, the problems, and even speculations for the future.

Wikis can be used to address issues but they are better suited to queries about your company and what you do. You get to explain why you started doing what you do and how you plan to improve. It is also a user manual for your product and people can learn new things by turning to wikis.

Ticket assignment

Knowledge management tools are also here for improving workflow and organization. You can use the knowledge base to assign new tasks or assignments. You can use them to monitor project development and to even track the time necessary for completion.

In the field of customer support, your users can create input that will create a ticket which is later on assigned to the support team member who is specialized in resolving a certain type of request.

With this kind of system, your consumers don’t need to wait for someone from the call center to find the customer support team member and put them through. This is a more efficient way to resolve the situation since it eliminates long queues and customer clusters.

It also works well with live chat. You ask a question there and the ticket is created so the specialized team member will take over the chat and help you out.

Video tutorials

Finally, knowledge management tools support different types of documentation and among them are video files. This is really good because you cThe ability to address the customers’ concerns and solve their problems is one of the main reasons why businesses succeed. The art of customer support has been perfected to the point where you do not even have to interfere to solve most of the common problems. You can use your website as a system that handles questions and issues on its own.

Of course, you still need your client managers and support team for more difficult issues but as far as mundane problems are concerned, your customers won’t even have to call you. We will examine how customer support can be improved by relying on knowledge management software.

Here are five actionable tips to manage customer queries with knowledge management tools efficiently.

FAQ page

Create detailed tutorials that your users can watch and discover what to do.

The video tutorial is the best form of customer support since users have visual input on how to fix things, and for complex issues, there is no better form of help, except being there in person. The only thing you need to worry about here is that you create a good tutorial or guide video. It would be good to test your videos and see if people find them useful and if they understand them.


This answers our question. Now you have the necessary knowledge to create a system for managing customer queries. Almost all of the top quality websites, or online stores, use this kind of system to help their customers.

If you are selling tools or software, it is essential that you have this system in place, considering how a great portion of your user base might not be competent enough to resolve technical issues.