If Thomas Edison hadn’t invented light bulb, the renovators would never require worrying about how they should choose the best lights for their homes. Are you in for a home renovation or you’re working on decorating and illuminating your new home? Whichever might be the case, whether a home renovation or a new home, you must be confused about the light bulbs that you should use for your home. Should you go for Edison bulbs or for incandescent light bulbs or LEDs to become energy-efficient?

You may think that it is easy enough to light a room. You just have to plug in a lamp, flip the switch and there you go! But did you know that there are certain mistakes which when committed can spoil your efforts of lighting up your house. Let’s take a quick look at the few blunders you should avoid while adding lights in your home.

#1: Not thinking in layers

It seems pretty easy to install a row of lights in a room and call it done but this is a strategy which will certainly disappoint you. The homeowners light up rooms in a way as if they’re hosting a convention where there’s too much of light. They don’t realize that this doesn’t add warmth within the room. In case you omit task lighting, reading on your couch or writing on the desk will put added strain on your eyes. When you’re hosting parties, ambient overhead lighting will get handy when you’re just alone, crave for a table lamp.

#2: Not having enough dimmer switches

Most of the interior designers said that one of the biggest mistake committed by homeowners is to dismiss the need of dimmer switches. Dimmers are a well-kept secret for lighting design as they let you control the lighting that you want from day to night, depending on the events in your home and also on your mood. If your dinner room is lit up like a stadium, a quaint dinner party won’t seem so quaint.

#3: Not taking into account where shadows may fall

If you place the light at the wrong place, you would create shadows at the wrong place. If you’re concerned about the bathroom, try sconces on either side of the mirror instead of having single light above the head. If you opt for overhead lighting, this can cast shadows unnecessarily on your face. Nevertheless, if you choose to go with overhead light, select a horizontal and a longer fixture to illuminate your face.

#4: You forget about the paint color of your room

No matter how many lights you place within a room, it won’t give you that airy feeling if the paint color of your walls is too dark. This will seem obvious but when you paint it in different hues of the same color, this can make a healthy difference. Hence you can repaint the wall with a lighter color to brighten your room.

Hence, if lighting is on your mind, make sure you follow the above mentioned tips and advices to choose the best lights for your home.