At first glance there may not appear to be many ways in which contact forms can be improved. In most cases they tend to be fairly simple forms and so you may assume there aren’t many areas that need to be optimized.

That isn’t exactly true, and if you want to improve your contact forms, there are three simple ways to get started:

  • Simplify the form itself

As mentioned previously, contact forms are meant to be simple – and so the first step to improve yours is to simplify them. That can be done in several ways, but most notably you should remove any unnecessary fields.

At its core the contact form really just requires two fields: the Email field and the Message field. Aside from that you can add a Name field and a Subject field if you want to – but should only add any fields on top of that if absolutely necessary.

Do not make the mistake of splitting the Name field into a First Name and Last Name fields, as one Name field is more than enough.

  • Use the subject to segment responses

The Subject field is one of the more useful fields in contact forms as you can use it to segment responses and make it easier to manage and process them. Instead of a normal text field, try creating a list of common or popular subjects (with one of the options being ‘Other’ in case none apply).

With these pre-defined subjects, you can then segment the data that you gather. If you get lots of responses, it will be extremely useful to be able to immediately categorize them and sort through them more efficiently.

  • Structure the form as a single column

Although some contact forms do use multiple columns, as far as possible you should avoid them. The fact of the matter is that single column forms look easier to fill out, and can actually be filled out faster as well.

Make sure the labels in your form follow that single column structure as well, and place them above each field rather than beside them.

The steps listed above should let you improve your contact form measurably. Make no mistake even a simple contact form can be challenging to create however, and using a platform such as AidaForm for example can be a big help.

By taking the time to improve your contact forms, you should be able to ensure they can fulfill their role more effectively and provide people with a convenient and easy way to get in touch with you. In time that should lead to more people using your contact form, and more responses being gathered.